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Membership of TESA is about more than just “joining another association!” While the benefits are significant, the Association is an active organisation, concerned with raising standards throughout the event industry with the objective of improving the commercial environment for its members.

Whether it is voicing concerns and/or encouraging a sensible approach for legislation at Government level, or providing help and advice to organisers, TESA at all times acts with the aim of supporting the interests of its broad membership.

Of course, like any trade Association, TESA is only as strong as its members want it to be and the use they make of it. The real member benefits are realised by those who actively drive the Association forward – promoting its existence, networking with other members, and endeavouring to use other TESA members as their suppliers of products and services.

Membership Categories

TESA Membership falls into two categories: Supplier Membership and Event Organiser Membership.

  • Supplier Membershp - covers all those who sell products and services into the event market, including event organizers who sell their management services.
  • Event Organiser Membership - designed for organizers of events who are not selling their services to third parties. This would include local authority event managers as well as organizers of commercial events.

Both types of membership enjoy a host of benefits.

Membership Forms